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Best before clearance store was founded in 2017 by two businessmen with a combined retail experience of 60 years.

After noting the success In Europe and Australia of concept stores selling short and past-dated quality food and personal care products at highly discounted prices, they decided to launch a Pilot Store in Wendywood Sandton to test out the concept locally.

Whilst we noticed that there were salvage stores, they tended to be selling damaged and shop-soiled product with no attention to quality dates and store presentation, our research showed us that no-one was selling quality branded products in a professional retail environment. We decided to fill that gap and Best Before was established.

We quickly noted that there was a demand for such quality products, due to the economic status of the country as well as global trends and the support of some of the largest suppliers of food, we were able to now deliver quality food at great prices to our consumers – A rare scenario occurred, our consumers are delighted with the savings, our Suppliers are delighted that they were able to find a new channel to supply goods that were no longer within the dates acceptable to the traditional supermarkets (1 year shelf life).

A year later we opened a new Branch in the Edenglen Retail Center, Edenvale and are currently in negotiations for more store openings.

We are also pleased to now offer our online Shopping Platform for customers in Gauteng with more provinces to switch on in the future.

best before
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Why best before?

1. huge savings

We specialise in surplus and short-dated food stock that is either near or passed its ‘best before’ date – allowing us to give our customers great discounts.

2. stock variety

Our stock is constantly updating so we’ll always have something new for you – all at incredibly low prices.

We now also stock pre-dated food lines – offering you a wider range.

3. quality products

We do not sell anything past its USE BY date.

All our lines come from trusted and reputable suppliers with stringent quality control.

supply us

Looking to become a supplier? With our high stock turnover we’re in near constant contact with our key partners and suppliers, looking for the best deals and opportunities.

If you have some excess stock or would like to discuss a longer-term relationship, please fill in the form below.

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